Our aim has always been to create elegant designs for this area of our work. There is always respect for the architectural period of a house when we are working in this area of design. Our philosophy is based on colour, texture combined with simplicity of line. To that end, we provide a backdrop for furniture, painting and decorative objects, plus lighting and furnishing. We have a long experience of working with 17th and 18th century furniture and objects. At all times we pay particular attention to quality and colour, and most importantly each design scheme is individual to the particular client and house.

Nothing is repeated from other projects.


Contemporary interiors are clean and fresh, perhaps with a careful choice of colours added to create an inherent feeling of simplicity and spaciousness. To achieve this look, we focus on basic forms, clean lines, beautiful yet simple shapes, with an eye on comfort and freshness to blend together in today’s contemporary furniture styles. Plenty of natural materials like wood, stone, leather, teak, and even linen – all materials that quietly provide warmth and texture to a space without detracting from the overall feel. These natural finishes are often mixed with other industrial-inspired materials to provide an aesthetic balance. Occasionally, by adding a piece of period furniture it can create an effective contrast to the simplicity of the room.


The Designer

Carole Roberts

Where We Work

No. Twelve Queen Street

The scope of our past and present work is quite wide and extremely varied. Our work has taken from the length and breadth of England and Southern Ireland, the West and East Coasts of America, and in various European countries.

Some of the work is for on going hotel projects which have taken a few years from start to finish. There are also projects which vary from smaller residential houses to flats and single rooms. Nothing is too small as we are happy selling a meter of fabric or braid, as well as just pure consultancy work and giving advice only.

We have, and do work with architects as well as various trades people. These trade contacts we have built up over the years in various areas – decorators, carpenters, plumbers, lighting specialists, etc. We also use fabric, furniture companies, lighting designers, carpet designers, and have a vast library of resources for antiques, creating bespoke pieces, and garden designers.